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Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC Black robot vacuum cleaner

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The Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC Black – BPK-VCBB1XVW – robot vacuum cleaner features intelligent Gyro navigation. Its nozzle with rotating brush and two side brushes ensure thorough removal of pet hair and dirt on short-pile carpets. Equipped with a special HEPA filter, this robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for individuals with dust allergies. By using the magnetic strip to cordon off areas, you can prevent the robot from accessing unwanted places.


  • Operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy your favorite series without disturbance.
  • Gyro navigation enables precise zigzag movements for efficient cleaning.
  • Can be upgraded with a mopping function using a separate mop reservoir (sold separately).

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About the XVAC

The Blaupunkt XVAC robot vacuum cleaner can also mop in addition to vacuuming, so you always have a clean house.

Fashion model

Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC Black




Gyro navigation



blaupunkt bluebot xvac zwart in de doos

In the box

2x 2 side brushes

1x Remote control with 2 batteries

1x Charging station + adapter

2x Rinsable HEPA filters

1x Magnetic strip

1x Cleaning brush with blade

1x Dust container

1x User manual

blaupunkt bluebot xvac zwart kruimels stofzuigen

Powerful cleaning of the Blaupunkt XVAC

Do you suffer from dog or cat hair? No problem for the Blaupunkt XVAC robot vacuum cleaner. Due to the strong suction power and the large dust reservoir, the Bluebot XVAC can work for up to 2 hours. If the battery is almost empty, the Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC bpk vcbb1xvb automatically returns to the charging station.

Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC BPK VCBB1XVB
Blaupunkt XVAC Kleed reinigenblaupunkt bluebot xvac bpk vcbb1xvb huisdierBlaupunkt XVAC vloer stofzuigen


Vacuums Quietly

With only 56 dB in silent mode, the Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC bpk vcbb1xvb can drive around and you can still watch your favorite series or have a good conversation.


Do you suffer from allergies?

In addition to a primary filter, the Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC robot vacuum cleaner has a sponge filter and a HEPA filter, both washable. Super useful if you suffer from allergies.


Let the carpet shine again

The robot vacuum cleaner automatically recognizes carpet and then activates its turbo suction function so that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Blaupunkt XVAC grondige schoonmaak

Modern design

Sleek design made of high-quality materials with a slim body of only 8.5 cm high. The Blaupunkt XVAC robot vacuum cleaner can easily drive under your furniture and clean in the most difficult corners. This is how the dust under the sofa is also tackled!

blaupunkt xvac NO GO Zones instellen

No go zones

Is the Blaupunkt Bluebot You can then easily demarcate this area with the supplied 1 meter magnetic strip, so that the robot vacuum cleaner does not reach there. You can leave the house with peace of mind.

Blaupunkt XVAC rustige schoonmaak

Never Vacuum Again

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Mop reservoir available separately



Empties itself




Suction power

1800 Pa

1800 Pa

3000 Pa

Animal hair





8 cm

7.6 cm

10 cm




Laser navigation

Battery lifespan

120 mins

120 mins

230 mins

Noise level

65 dB

65 dB

70 dB









blaupunkt bluebot xvac bpk vcbb1xvb onderdelen pakket

Extensive accessories

You not only get a robot vacuum cleaner, but also an extensive accessory package. This contains: a charging station, adapter, remote control + 2x AAA battery, HEPA filter (2x), pair of side brushes (2x), 600ML dust container, cleaning brush, roller brush, 1 meter magnetic strip and a manual. The Blaupunkt XVAC can optionally be expanded with a water tank for a mopping function; this is available separately.



The Blaupunkt XVAC also has the following advantages:

Blaupunkt XVAC op tapijt en vloer

Gyro navigation

The Blaupunkt XVAC navigates via Gyro navigation. This means that the robot vacuum cleaner makes neat jobs so that it does not miss a spot.

Blaupunkt XVAC App gebruik

Easy to operate

The Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC black can be operated via app, voice control, remote control and with the buttons on the robot.

Blaupunkt XVAC tapijt en vloer

Cleans thoroughly

Thanks to the combination of two side brushes and a rotating main brush at the suction mouth, the Blaupunkt XVAC tackles the dirt thoroughly.

Blaupunkt XVAC grondige schoonmaak

Customer Service & Warranty

We believe in our robot vacuum cleaners and their quality. That is why we also provide a 2-year warranty on our robot vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions or experience problems, we believe it is important that you receive good service. As a result, our customer service is also located in the Netherlands, our customer service speaks Dutch, English and German and we can easily be reached via support@blaupunktrobotics.eu.

What do our customers say?

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Maartje BE

Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC

Works well on both tiles and carpets. Doesn't crash. Easily goes under furniture and easily finds its way through chair and table legs

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Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC

I received the device as a gift from my husband and I am very happy with it. I have two dogs and quite a large area for vacuuming. The robot helps enormously with this.

Alexandra DV

Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC

I have fibromyalgia and back problems, which makes vacuuming too difficult, and my cleaning assistant failed to perform. Blaupunkt xvac to the rescue. I named her Niki, and what a pleasure it is to have this little one in our home!