Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus

Do you want to enjoy a spotless home without having to do anything about it? Then the Blaupunkt PRECISION Plus robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect vacuum for you!

Thanks to the added suction station, you won't even have to empty the robot vacuum for 2 months. This robot vacuum with charging station easily deals with dirt through its 4 different levels of suction power. Whether it's fine dust particles on hard floors or stubborn dirt on carpets. The Blaupunkt Bluebot PRECISION Plus adapts and always delivers a thorough clean.

In addition, the Precision Plus is equipped with smart sensors that detect where additional cleaning is needed, so no dirt is missed. And with its quiet operation, you can enjoy a clean home without sacrificing your peace of mind or concentration.

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Extraction station included

Thanks to the added extraction station, you only need to empty the robot vacuum cleaner every 2 months.


Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus




Laser navigation


3.35 kg

Cleans up to 230 m2

Thanks to the powerful battery of the Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus, this robot vacuum can clean up to 230 square meters of surface area. As a result, it does not have to stop mid-cleaning. Which ensures an uninterrupted and efficient cleaning experience. The powerful battery also makes it possible to clean large areas, in one go without recharging in between.

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus' ample battery capacity is a great value for cleaning large areas. Whether it is a large office, a meeting room or an event hall, this robot vacuum can handle it all. This not only saves time, but also ensures that cleaning activities cause minimal interruptions.

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus offers a robust and reliable solution for both domestic and commercial cleaning needs. Its powerful battery and advanced features make it an indispensable assistant. With the Bluebot Precision Plus, you are guaranteed thorough and consistent cleaning, time after time.

Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus


Easily connect with WIFI

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus is connectable to both 2.4 Ghz wifi, and 5 Ghz wifi. This eliminates the need to create a separate wifi network ta control the robot vacuum via the app.


Ideal against allergies

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus is equipped with an advanced filtration system that not only consists of a primary dust filter. But also includes a sponge filter and a HEPA-12 filter. This triple filter technology ensures effective cleaning. Even the smallest dust particles, allergens and other pollutants are captured and filtered. This significantly improves the air quality in your home.


Cleans quietly

With only 68 dB in quiet mode, the Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus can effortlessly navigate around the house without disturbing you. This means you can quietly read your favorite book while the robot vacuum does its job. The low noise production ensures a relaxed and quiet environment. This makes the Precision Plus ideal for use at any time of day, even late at night or early in the morning.

Electric mop module

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus is not only a powerful vacuum cleaner, but also offers an impressive mopping function. Thanks to the smart mopping module, the amount of water is precisely controlled. Which means the mop always has the right moisture for perfect cleaning. This prevents floors from getting too wet, which can prevent water damage. And ensures that dirt is effectively removed for spotless results.

The advanced technology of the Bluebot Precision Plus makes it possible to clean different types of floors. Ranging from hard wood floors to tile and laminate. The robot automatically adjusts the amount of water depending on the type of floor and degree of soiling. Allowing each floor to receive the optimal treatment.

The Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus offers an all-in-one solution for cleaning your home. It includes a combined vacuuming and mopping function, smart water management, and advanced navigation. These provide an unparalleled cleaning experience. You can count on the Bluebot Precision Plus for thorough and effortless cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaner with charging station

A great advantage of the Blaupunkt Bluebot Precision Plus is that this robot vacuum cleaner perfectly drives back to the place where it started. This means that when its cleaning task is complete, it automatically returns to its charging station. This means you don't have to worry about moving the robot manually.

Normally the robot starts from its charging station, it also returns there when its job is done or when the battery is low. This ensures that the Bluebot Precision Plus is always ready for its next cleaning job. Once the robot has returned to the station, it immediately starts charging. So that it is again fully ready for the next time it is needed.

This automatic return feature not only provides convenience, but also a more efficient cleaning cycle. You no longer have to worry about interrupting your cleaning to recharge the robot. Because it cleverly manages this itself. This is especially useful in larger households or commercial environments where continuous cleaning is important.

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Never Vacuum Again

Customer Service & Warranty

We believe in our robot vacuum cleaners and their quality. That is why we offer a 2-year warranty on our robot vacuum cleaners. However, should you have any questions or experience any problems, we believe it is important that you receive good service. That is why our customer service is located in the Netherlands, speaks Dutch, English and German and can easily be reached via