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Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus robot vacuum cleaner

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If you're in search of a robot vacuum cleaner that not only vacuums, sweeps, and mops but also automatically empties itself, then the Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice for you. It's effortlessly controlled via the Bluebot app, allowing you to easily designate prohibited areas and set cleaning schedules and times. Its laser navigation ensures smooth navigation even in rooms filled with furniture, making cleaning a worry-free experience.

Key features include:

  • Self-emptying functionality for added convenience.
  • Effective cleaning of pet hair and short pile carpets.
  • Ability to set No-Go zones through the app.
  • Versatile capabilities for both mopping and vacuuming tasks.

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    Empties Automatically

    The large emptying station allows vacuuming for up to 2 months without having to be emptied.

    Fashion model

    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus




    Laser navigation



    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort plus pakket

    In the box

    1x Automatic extraction and charging station + adapter

    1x Electric combination reservoir

    1x V-shaped main brush

    2x Side brush

    1 x Mop attachment

    2x Mop

    2x Rinsable sponge + HEPA filters

    1x Cleaning brush with blade

    3x Dust bag

    1x User manual

    Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus oplaadstation

    Automatic charge

    A big advantage of the Blaupunkt Comfort Plus robot vacuum cleaner is that it returns to its charging station when it is almost empty. Here it will charge and then automatically complete its cleaning. Ideal if you want to have large spaces cleaned.

    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus
    Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT plus navigerenblaupunkt comfort plus laagpolig tapijtBlaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus in de woonkamer


    Automatic extraction station

    Thanks to the extraction station of the Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus, you don't have to worry about vacuuming for several weeks.


    Triple filter system

    In addition to a primary filter, the robot also has a sponge filter and a HEPA-14 filter, both washable. This means that irritations due to allergies or dust are less likely to occur.


    Battery life

    The Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus has a 5000 mAh battery. This ensures that it can easily clean 200m2 on one full battery.

    Blaupunkt Bluebot comfort plus tapijt

    Powerful cleaning of the Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus

    The Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus recognizes carpet automatically. He then activates the turbo mode, which makes the carpet look like new again. Even the deepest dirt or hair doesn't stand a chance against this powerful cleaning machine. The flexible brush that is pressed to the ground also effortlessly vacuums up dirt stuck in difficult ridges.

    Bluebot COMFORT Plus met huisdier

    Smart Mopping function

    The Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function. The mopping function stops the water supply when the robot is in the charger. However, it is still advisable to remove the mop module from the robot when it has finished cleaning, because the mop will remain wet for a while.

    Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus schoonmaken woonkamer

    Never Vacuum Again

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    Empties itself




    Suction power

    2700 Pa

    1800 Pa

    3000 Pa

    Animal hair






    7.6 cm

    10 cm


    Laser navigation


    Laser navigation

    Battery lifespan

    360 minutes

    120 mins

    230 mins

    Noise level

    Noise level

    65 dB

    70 dB







    HEPA 12

    HEPA 11

    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort plus app

    Google Home and Alexa

    A smart robot vacuum cleaner includes smart devices. The robot vacuum cleaner with charging station can be connected and controlled via Google Home and Alexa. A perfect combination with your smart home!

    Plus points

    The Blaupunkt Comfort Plus also contains the following advantages:

    blaupunkt comfort plus laagpolig tapijt

    Leave everything alone

    Setting NO-GO zones on the map is super easy in the Bluebot app, this prevents you from having to clean up cables, chairs or tables every time so that the robot vacuum cleaner does not get stuck.

    Blaupunkt Robotics

    More time for yourself

    Thanks to the extraction station that the Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus has, you don't have to worry about vacuuming for several weeks.

    Blaupunkt Bluebot stofzak legen

    Empty in a few seconds

    The powerful extraction of the Blaupunkt COMFORT Plus empties the entire dust container in the automatic suction station within +/-15 seconds.

    Blaupunkt Bluebot COMFORT Plus sfeerimpressie

    Customer Service & Warranty

    We believe in our robot vacuum cleaners and their quality. That is why we also provide a 2-year warranty on our robot vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions or experience problems, we believe it is important that you receive good service. As a result, our customer service is also located in the Netherlands, our customer service speaks Dutch, English and German and we can easily be reached by email.


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    Sjoerd Merkus

    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus

    Very satisfied with our "Robin" - Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus. We have 2 cats and with the help of the robot vacuum cleaner we hardly see any cat hair. The vacuum cleaner starts every day at 7:05 am and it is really special how much dust/hair is cleaned up.

    Date of experience: November 29, 2023

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    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus

    Fantastic robot vacuum cleaner. You can set schedules via the app. Thanks to the automatic emptying station, you have (almost) no worries; just refill the water tank and change the mop (there are two mops included, handy for washing).

    Date of experience: July 20, 2023

    Coolblue logo


    Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus

    What an invention! Finally a loyal helper at home. The robot makes its rounds in the morning after breakfast, so that when we get home in the evening, you don't come home in a mess. Also useful with a toddler in the house, who knows how to make a mess.

    Date of experience: June 5, 2023