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Turn off Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner, then press the top — PUSH —. This will allow the vacuum robot to open Bluebot and take off the dust tray. At the top of the bowl is a brush, which you can use to clean the HEPA filter. This HEPA filter should not be wet. The remainder of the container can be emptied above a dustbin and/or rinse with water. Allow the tray to dry properly before reseating it back into Blaupunkt Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner.

The standard suction nozzle with the rubber edge is optimized for vacuuming smooth floors and prevents hair from sitting down. The suction nozzle with the rotating brushes works better for floors that are extra dirty and works well to clean carpet with.

This magnetic strip is a so-called zone distributor. It can be used to keep Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner within specific areas in your home. The magnetic strip is used for vacuuming: Place the magnetic stripe (flat side down) to block the zone: The robot vacuum cleaner detects the strip and avoids the surface. This allows you, for example, to protect a valuable vase, preventing Bluebot vacuum robot from driving your long-pile carpet.

The mop with Velcro must be attached to the bottom of the water tank. Fill the water tank with water and possibly a little bit of everything cleaner. Make sure the rubber cap of the tank is closed properly. Turn robot vacuum cleaner bluebot and place the water tank so that the 2 small pins and 2 larger pins of the water tank fit into Bluebot. Turn the vacuum robot Bluebot back on and turn it on. The water from the tank spreads naturally in the mop.

Mode 1111: Automatic. Bluebot Vacuum robot attacks the entire environment and determines how it is best to clean.
Mode 2222: Spot. The Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner will clean in circles when it encounters lots of dirt. If necessary, press ‘ SPOT ‘ manually on the remote control if Bluebot robot vacuum is near a location that is very dirty.
Mode 3333: Borders. Blaupunkt Bluebot Robot Vacuum cleaner is going to clean along edges and walls.
Mode 4444: Zig-Zag. Bluebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is going to make straight job cleanings. Press ‘ MODE ‘ on the remote control while Bluebot is on.

You can only program Bluebot robot vacuum when it is on or charging. First set the clock of Bluebot: Press your Bluebot on the ‘ Scheduling ‘ button (this is just above the word). Four lights then go to burn: charging, Spot Mode, scheduling and the ‘ ‘ button. You can now set the hours of the time. Press ‘ charging ‘ to go up in hours and ‘ Spot Mode ‘ to go down in hours. If the hours are set correctly, press the ‘ ‘ button. You can now set the minutes with the same buttons. When you are finished, press the ‘ ‘ button to save the time. When you press ‘ scheduling ‘ In the meantime, you cancel setting the time. If you have set the clock of Bluebot, you can now program how late it should start vacuuming automatically. Press ‘ scheduling ‘ for 3 seconds. Just use the ‘ charging ‘, ‘ Spot Mode ‘ buttons and ‘ you don’t (more) to clean Bluebot automatically when you set up the clock, then set its automatic time to 00:00.

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Ja, in de doos zitten 2 extra borstels en 1 extra HEPA filter.
Additionally, extra HEPA filters and brushes are sold separately.