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Blaupunkt Robotics

Vacuuming and Mopping

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Save time

When these robots make a round of vacuuming dust, they are also able to mop the floor with a damp cloth. This way you have more time to watch your favorite series.

Cleaner house

Because the robot vacuum cleaner is able to mop in addition to vacuuming, you will be less bothered by allergies and dust particles in your home.


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Blaupunkt XTREME

Not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive robot on the market. After much hesitation, we went for this one based on the ratio of advantages to price.

Only a female and a child voice are available. We thought child labor was too cruel, so we opted for the female vote. While we first wanted to call our robot 'Jeeves', it has now become 'Carmen'. That's our intention to break gender roles...

Our Carmen is very welcome. You will be happy when you see her vacuuming diligently and the floor is already neat and tidy when you stop working. Not to create any false illusions: she cannot remove stubborn mud stains when mopping, but you can see from her mop cloth that she does pick up dirt and cleans the floor. So don't expect that you will never have to take on the role of Cinderella yourself again. But she is a good helper. And she doesn't complain :-)


Blaupunkt Bluebot XBOOST

We have been using our robot vacuum cleaner Gerrit for six months now. Fantastic device with 2 rabbits in the house. Vacuums better than we do ourselves.
Mopping function also useful. We have to “fold” the rug so that our Gerrit does not mop over it. Vacuuming over the rug also works great


Bluebot XTREME

The Blaupunkt vacuums the entire ground floor here every day. Henk is his name.
Henk listens well and never gets angry.
Call: Henk vacuums the kitchen and it happens. That doesn't work if I shout that to my significant other.
Henk is sometimes overdramatic. When he squeezes under a chair he shouts that he is locked up. That's not so bad, of course. He always runs towards the precipice of the stairs and then stops 1cm before he falls. Anything to scare you. Good old Henk.
Mopping also works fine, but is not a substitute for a good scrubbing.