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Anique | 05-10-2023

Blaupunkt Bluebot XTREME

I am so happy with this robot vacuum cleaner. Right now I'm sitting on the couch enjoying my Sunday while Billie (that's his name) is vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Delicious. logo

Jokadoki | 03-01-2024

Blaupunkt Bluebot XBOOST

Our Carmen is very welcome. You will be happy when you see her vacuuming diligently and the floor is already neat and tidy when you stop working.

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Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus

Very satisfied with our "Robin" - Blaupunkt Bluebot Comfort Plus. We have 2 cats and with the help of the robot vacuum cleaner we hardly see any cat hair.