Is the Bluebot XVAC your match?

Is the Bluebot XVAC your match?

Combo images XVAC in Cosmic Black and Brilliant White

The Bluebot XVAC

The Bluebot XVAC really fits every household. Its competitive price and killer instinct for dust makes it a must have. Connect the XVAC to Alexa or the Google Assistant, and you don’t even have to get up. You can put it to work for up to two hours per charge. Use the magnetic strips to indicate where it should go, and a clean house is garantueed. Leaves you with more time to do actual fun things.

3 benefits of the Bluebot XVAC

• Low pile carpets, wooden floors or tiles? The Bluebot XVAC can be used on many types of flooring.
• The Bluebot XVAC can easily be controlled by the buttons on the robot, through the Bluebot app or with the remote.
• Thanks to the magnetic strip, you can easily indicate where the robot should not go. Let’s clean!

A magnetic strip will make sure the XVAC doesn't go any further, so your pet's food bowl is safe.
Blaupunkt Bluebot XVAC


Once you are used to the robot vacuum cleaner, you can’t live without anymore. Be kind to your hero and replace its accessories when needed. This way, it will last longer.

Need new accessories? You can find them in our webshop.


Many extras

Want to enjoy your robot for as long as possible? You need the right accessories. To start you and your hero off the right way, we will give you lots of extras with the purchase of your robot. Your package will include:

  • 2 x 2 side brushes
  • A remote control with two batteries
  • Charging station + adapter
  • 2 rinsable HEPA filters
  • Magnetic strip
  • A cleaning brush with blade
  • Dust bin of 600 ml
  • User manual
Where to buy the XVAC
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