Blaupunkt Bluebot XPRO

Blaupunkt Bluebot XPRO

Pets in the house? No problem for the XPRO.

The Bluebot XPRO

Sometimes you just need a bit more power. Looking for that powerful robot vacuum cleaner? That is the Bluebot XPRO. This 2 in 1 vacuum and mopping robot has a turbo function and devours all dust. Even the dust under your couch or bed is no longer safe. Thanks to its sleek design it is able to go anywhere. Say bye bye to dust. You are in charge. Tell it where it needs to clean and it will do it for you. Set up a cleaning schedule through the app and leave the rest to the XPRO.

3 benefits of the Bluebot XPRO

• Powerful vacuum and mop robot, a clean house in just a few steps.
• Give the XPRO some extra power with the turbo function.
• Silent vacuum help; with 55 dB, it is more quiet than a regular vacuum cleaner. This hero battles dust silently.

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Once you are used to the robot vacuum cleaner, you can’t live without anymore. Be kind to your hero and replace its accessories when needed. This way, it will last longer. Need new accessories? You can find them in our webshop.

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Many extras

Want to enjoy your robot for as long as possible? You need the right accessories. To start you and your cleaning hero off the right way, we will give you lots of extras with the purchase of your robot. How about:
• Dust bin 600 ml
• Water reservoir of 350 ml
• Dust filter
• Suction opening with rotating brush
• 2 x cleaning brush
• 2 x 2 side brushes
• A remote control with two batteries
• Charging station + adapter
• 2 HEPA filters
• User manual

Robot hoover or mopping robot, what are your requirements? There is always a cleaning robot that suits you. Fill in the Bluebot choice test and find out which robot suits you best.

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